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Honours Reports

This page contains an index of Honours Reports produced by students in the CSSE department. Currently, only reports since 1999 are available, but earlier reports may be added to the index later. The reports below are the final reports of the Honours research projects, which is one course in the BSc(Hons) programme.

Note: Please read the disclaimer and copyright notice that applies to these documents before copying any.

Year Index

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  • HONS 01/21: [PDF: 6770 Kb] [Abstract]
    Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Cybersecurity Chapter in the Computer Science Field Guide
    Henry Hickman

  • HONS 02/21: [PDF: 745 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Machine Learning Approach to Modelling and Predicting Biomechanical Measures of Strain Across Bone
    James Houghton

  • HONS 03/21: [PDF: 11336 Kb] [Abstract]
    Texture-Based Segmentation for Applications in Computational Pathology
    Wikke Nijhof

  • HONS 04/21: [PDF: 1067 Kb] [Abstract]
    McEliece Post Quantum Cryptography for IoT
    Juliet Samandari

  • HONS 05/21: [PDF: 2060 Kb] [Abstract]
    Contour Splitting for Branching Structures in CT Image Reconstructions
    Cameron Stevenson





  • HONS 01/16: [PDF: 2191 Kb] [Abstract]
    Developing a massive real-time crowd simulation framework on the GPU
    Guillaume Payet

  • HONS 02/16: [PDF: 1256 Kb] [Abstract]
    Use of Metrics and their Visualisations in Software Engineering Projects
    Edward Armstrong

  • HONS 03/16: [PDF: 1726 Kb] [Abstract]
    Neuromorphic Computing with Reservoir Neural Networks on Memristive Hardware
    Aaron Stockdill

  • HONS 04/16: [PDF: 1132 Kb] [Abstract]
    Mary Had a Little Lambda: Implementing a Minimal Lisp for Assisting with Education
    Andy Bell


  • HONS 01/15: [PDF: 2087 Kb] [Abstract]
    Open-sourcing CS education: Computer Science Field Guide 2.0
    Marcus Stenfert Kroese

  • HONS 02/15: [PDF: 1303 Kb] [Abstract]
    Myo Gesture Control Armband for Medical Applications
    Mahmoud Abduo

  • HONS 03/15: [PDF: 658 Kb] [Abstract]
    Social Media in Software Development
    Johann Reiher

  • HONS 04/15: [PDF: 3660 Kb] [Abstract]
    Applying Bytecode Level Automatic Exploit Generation to Embedded Systems
    Matthew Ruffell

  • HONS 05/15: [PDF: 1054 Kb] [Abstract]
    Creating a simulation to assess performance of MAC-level opportunistic forwarding schemes in linear cluster topologies
    Daniel Hope

  • HONS 06/15: [PDF: 4564 Kb] [Abstract]
    Assisted Resource Management in the New Zealand Rural Fire Service
    Andrew Curtis-Black

  • HONS 07/15: [PDF: 2688 Kb] [Abstract]
    Novel Methods for Reflective Symmetry Detection in Scanned 3D Models
    Matthew Stephenson

  • HONS 08/15: [PDF: 327 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Similarity Ranking of Python Programs
    Jonathan Wardell Avery

  • HONS 09/15: [PDF: 1875 Kb] [Abstract]
    Towards Better Estimation: Improving and Supporting the Estimation Process in Agile Teams
    Cade Picard

  • HONS 10/15: [PDF: 2042 Kb] [Abstract]
    Using Context Within Computer-Aided Rehabilitation to Increase Motivation for People with Aphasia
    David Sowry

  • HONS 11/15: [PDF: 1121 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Web-Based Framework for Personalised Language Rehabilitation
    Roseanna Grundy


  • HONS 01/14: [PDF: 2090 Kb] [Abstract]
    Applying Tessellation to Clipmap Terrain Rendering
    Corey Barnard

  • HONS 02/14: [PDF: 4411 Kb] [Abstract]
    Investigating the Usability of the Leap Motion Controller: Gesture-Based Interaction with a 3D Virtual Environment
    Anthony Bracegirdle

  • HONS 03/14: [PDF: 4714 Kb] [Abstract]
    Computation of the Local Binary Pattern (LBP) descriptor of large scale images
    Joshua Chen

  • HONS 04/14: [PDF: 1447 Kb] [Abstract]
    Multi-Centroid PSO Classification Learning on the GPU
    Cain Cresswell-Miley

  • HONS 05/14: [PDF: 1148 Kb] [Abstract]
    Identifying and Responding to Disengagement in a Constraint-Based Intelligent Tutoring System
    Jin Kwang Hong

  • HONS 06/14: [PDF: 19639 Kb] [Abstract]
    Network Communication Protocols for High School Students
    Samuel Jarman


  • HONS 01/13: [PDF: 8690 Kb] [Abstract]
    Developing an Online Algorithms Tutorial for New Zealand High Schools
    Caitlin Duncan

  • HONS 02/13: [PDF: 1803 Kb] [Abstract]
    The Emotiv mind: Investigating the accuracy of the Emotiv EPOC in identifying emotions and its use in an Intelligent Tutoring System
    Tegan Harrison

  • HONS 03/13: [PDF: 3094 Kb] [Abstract]
    Contour-based cane extraction for 2D vine modelling
    Jared Klopper

  • HONS 04/13: [PDF: 1918 Kb] [Abstract]
    A robust wire detector for a vine pruning robot
    Josh McCulloch

  • HONS 05/13: [PDF: 1065 Kb] [Abstract]
    Applications of Dual Quaternions in Three Dimensional Transformation and Interpolation
    Matthew Smith

  • HONS 06/13: [PDF: 354 Kb] [Abstract]
    Method For Segmentation Of Articulated Structures Using Depth Images for Public Displays
    Robin Watson


  • HONS 01/12: [PDF: 1387 Kb] [Abstract]
    Investigating the Emotiv EPOC for cognitive control in liminted training time
    Matt Lang

  • HONS 02/12: [PDF: 416 Kb] [Abstract]
    Towards Concurrent Hoare Logic
    Robin Candy (Supervisor: Prof. Tadao Takaoka)

  • HONS 03/12: [PDF: 5947 Kb] [Abstract]
    Improving File Navigation with Spatially Consistent Revistation Visualisation
    Joshua Leung

  • HONS 04/12: [PDF: 2722 Kb] [Abstract]
    Improving Users' Command Selection Performance
    Joel Harrison

  • HONS 05/12: [PDF: 1651 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Sequential Steady-State Detection Method for Quantitative Discrete-Event Simulation
    Adam Freeth (supervisor: Prof. K. Pawlikowski)

  • HONS 06/12: [PDF: 2425 Kb] [Abstract]
    Low-level Image Segmentation for a Vine Imaging Robot
    Simon Flowers

  • HONS 07/12: [PDF: 6949 Kb] [Abstract]
    Improving Face Recognition with Genealogical and Contextual Data
    Ellie Rasmus


  • HONS 01/10: [PDF: 1842 Kb] [Abstract]
    Fast Automated Estimation of Variance in Discrete Quantitative Stochastic Simulation
    Nelson Shaw (supervisor: Prof. K. Pawlikowski)





  • HONS 01/06: [PDF: 643 Kb] [Abstract]
    Modelling programming language semantics using a common semantic model
    Cong Phuoc Huynh

  • HONS 02/06: [PDF: 862 Kb] [Abstract]
    Investigating the Effectiveness of Problem Templates on Learning in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
    Moffat Mathews

  • HONS 03/06: [PDF: 661 Kb] [Abstract]
    Animating Highly Constrained Deformable Head/Face Models Using Motion Capture
    Marcus Schoo (supervisor: Prof. K. Pawlikowski)

  • HONS 04/06: [PDF: 443 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Fast Discrete Tchebichef Transform Algorithm for Image Compression
    Kiyoyuki Nakagaki

  • HONS 05/06: [PDF: 5229 Kb] [Abstract]
    Automating Object-Oriented Design Heuristics for .NET Programs
    Sarah Frater

  • HONS 06/06: [PDF: 593 Kb] [Abstract]
    Dealing with Ambiguity in a Foreign Language ITS
    Amanda Nicholas

  • HONS 07/06: [PDF: 952 Kb] [Abstract]
    3D Articulated Model from a Stereo Camera
    Steve Sarjeant

  • HONS 08/06: [PDF: 4015 Kb] [Abstract]
    Structure from Stereo Vision using Optical Flow
    Brendon Kelly



  • HONS 01/04: [PDF: 312 Kb] [Abstract]
    Hierarchical Matching Techniques for Automatic Image Mosaicing
    Charles Lee Begg (Supervisor: Dr. Ramakrishnan Mukundan)

  • HONS 02/04: [PDF: 756 Kb] [Abstract]
    Hybrid AR User Interfaces in Collaborative Gaming
    Adrian Clark (Supervisor: Dr. Ramakrishnan Mukundan)

  • HONS 03/04: [PDF: 491 Kb] [Abstract]
    Colour Tracking for Unintrusive Real-Time Human Motion Capture to Drive an Avatar
    Robert Grant (Supervisor: Dr. Richard Green)

  • HONS 04/04: [PDF: 1168 Kb] [Abstract]
    Optical vehicle tracking - A framework and tracking solution
    Ronald Highet (Supervisor: Dr. Richard Green)

  • HONS 05/04: [PDF: 966 Kb] [Abstract]
    Image Coding Using Orthogonal Basis Functions
    Oliver Hunt (Supervisor: Dr. Ramakrishnan Mukundan)

  • HONS 06/04: [PDF: 564 Kb] [Abstract]
    ERM-Tutor an ER-to-Relational Mapping Tutor
    Melinda Marshall (Supervisor: Dr Tanja Mitrovic)

  • HONS 07/04: [PDF: 62 Kb] [Abstract]
    Investigation of Generalised Nearest Neighbour in Machine Learning
    James Mitchell (Supervisor: Dr Brent Martin)

  • HONS 08/04: [PDF: 447 Kb] [Abstract]
    Applications of Data Mining in Constraint-Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems
    Karthik Nilakant (Supervisor: Dr Tanja Mitrovic)

  • HONS 09/04: [PDF: 359 Kb] [Abstract]
    Using Machine Learning to Predict the E ect of Warfarin on Heart Patient
    Lara Rennie (Supervisor: Dr. Brent Martin)

  • HONS 10/04: [PDF: 241 Kb] [Abstract]
    The Impact of Positive and Negative Feedback in Insight Problem Solving
    Andrew Roxburgh (Supervisor: Dr Tanja Mitrovic)

  • HONS 11/04: [PDF: 1344 Kb] [Abstract]
    Real-Time Human Body Tracking in Public Spaces
    Kushal Vaghani (Supervisor: Dr. Richard Green)

  • HONS 12/04: [PDF: 1394 Kb] [Abstract]
    Feedback Micro-engineering in EER-Tutor
    Konstantin Zakharov (Supervisor: Dr Tanja Mitrovic)


  • HONS 01/03: [PDF: 493 Kb] [Abstract]
    Feature selection applied to classification of cancerous tissue
    Joel Pitt (Supervisor: Dr. Brent Martin)

  • HONS 02/03: [PDF: 986 Kb] [Abstract]
    Focus+Context Screens: A Study and Evaluation
    David Mitchell (Supervisor: Dr. Andy Cockburn)

  • HONS 03/03: [PDF: 508 Kb] [Abstract]
    The Calibration and Optimisation of Speed-Dependent Automatic Zooming
    Andrew Wallace (Supervisor: Dr. Andy Cockburn)

  • HONS 04/03: [PDF: 1402 Kb] [Abstract]
    IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Security Performance Using Multiple Clients
    Nulifar Baghaei (Supervisor: Mr. Ray Hunt)

  • HONS 05/03: [PDF: 328 Kb] [Abstract]
    Analysis of the Multiple Excess-S Modulo K (MSK) Coding Scheme
    Nadine Fea (Supervisors: Dr. Malcolm Shore and Mr. Ray Hunt)

  • HONS 06/03: [PDF: 429 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Taxonomy of Network and Computer Attack Methodologies
    Simon Hansman (Supervisor: Mr. Ray Hunt)

  • HONS 07/03: [PDF: 235 Kb] [Abstract]
    Seamless Handoff Between 802.11b and CDMA2000 Networks
    Kieran Molloy (Supervisor: Mr. Ray Hunt)

  • HONS 08/03: [PDF: 493 Kb] [Abstract]
    Evaluation of a Machine Learning Tool in the Domain of Genetic Host Reponses
    Joel Pitt (Supervisors: Dr. Brent Martin)

  • HONS 09/03: [PDF: 2094 Kb] [Abstract]
    Digital Lectures - A Media Processing Framework and Interface Evaluation
    Allister Cournane (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Bell)

  • HONS 10/03: [PDF: 713 Kb] [Abstract]
    Knowledge Representation and Acquisition for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
    Steven Linton


  • HONS 01/02: [PDF: 733 Kb] [Abstract]
    Mobile Text Entry
    Amal Sirisena (Supervisor: Dr. Andy Cockburn)

  • HONS 02/02: [PDF: 154 Kb] [Abstract]
    An intelligent problem selection agent for SQL-Tutor using artificial neural networks
    Timothy Wang (Supervisors: Dr. Antonjia Mitrovic)

  • HONS 03/02: [PDF: 954 Kb] [Abstract]
    3D Games as Motivation in Fitts' Law Experiments
    Julian Looser (Supervisor: Dr. Andy Cockburn)

  • HONS 04/02: [PDF: 1108 Kb] [Abstract]
    Implementing RSVP as an Image Browser
    Andrew Barrett (Supervisor: Dr. Andy Cockburn)

  • HONS 05/02: [PDF: 630 Kb] [Abstract]
    A comparison of BWT approaches to compressed-domain pattern matching
    Andrew Firth (Supervisors: Dr. Tim Bell)

  • HONS 06/02: [PDF: 188 Kb] [Abstract]
    Making Haskell .NET Compatible
    Liam O'Boyle (Supervisor: Dr. Nigel perry)

  • HONS 07/02: [PDF: 185 Kb] [Abstract]
    An Adaptive Computer-Based System for the Prescription of Warfarin
    Mark Mayo (Supervisor: Dr. Brent Martin)

  • HONS 08/02: [PDF: 1114 Kb] [Abstract]
    Speed-dependent Automatic Zooming
    Joshua Savage (Supervisor: Dr. Andy Cockburn)

  • HONS 09/02: [PDF: 286 Kb] [Abstract]
    Shortest Path Algorithms with Integer Edge Costs
    Tong-Wook Shinn


  • HONS 01/01: [PDF: 356 Kb] [Abstract]
    Mobile Phone Text Entry
    Lee Butts (Supervisor: Dr. Andy Cockburn)

  • HONS 02/01: [PDF: 1111 Kb] [Abstract]
    Forces of Nature
    Alan Creek (Supervisor: Dr. Neville Churcher)

  • HONS 03/01: [PDF: 804 Kb] [Abstract]
    Towards scalable interfaces using spatial cues for document management
    Eddie Edwards (Supervisor: Dr. Andy Cockburn)

  • HONS 04/01: [PDF: 506 Kb] [Abstract]
    The Effectiveness of Open Student Modelling on Learning
    Danita Hartley (Supervisor: Dr. Antonjia Mitrovic)

  • HONS 05/01: [PDF: 275 Kb] [Abstract]
    Towards a Formal Framework for JavaBeans and Enterprise JavaBeans
    Kwang Wu Lee (Supervisor: Dr. Paddy Krishnan)

  • HONS 06/01: [PDF: 375 Kb] [Abstract]
    Medium access control protocols for WDM optical networks
    Robert Mollard (Supervisor: Associate Prof. Dr. Krzysztof Pawlikowski)

  • HONS 07/01: [PDF: 422 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Flick in the Right Direction
    Michael Moyle (Supervisor: Dr. Andy Cockburn)

  • HONS 08/01: [PDF: 516 Kb] [Abstract]
    Compressed-Domain Pattern Matching with the Burrows-Wheeler
    Matt Powell (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Bell)

  • HONS 09/01: [PDF: 374 Kb] [Abstract]
    Virtual Private Networks
    Chris Rodgers (Supervisor: Mr. Ray Hunt)

  • HONS 10/01: [PDF: 116 Kb] [Abstract]
    Towards Modern Literate Programming
    Matthew Smith (Supervisor: Dr. Neville Churcher)



  • HONS 01/99: [PDF: 231 Kb] [Abstract]
    All Pairs Shortest Path Algorithms
    David Cook (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Tadao Takaoka)

  • HONS 02/99: [PDF: 222 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Meta-Model for Literate Programming
    Tim Evans (Supervisor: Dr. Neville Churcher)

  • HONS 03/99: [PDF: 231 Kb] [Abstract]
    Scientist's Workbook
    Michael JasonSmith (Supervisor: Dr Bruce McKenzie)

  • HONS 04/99: [PDF: 219 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Natural Language Database Interface For SQL-Tutor
    Seymour Knowles (Supervisor: Dr. Antonjia Mitrovic)

  • HONS 05/99: [PDF: 269 Kb] [Abstract]
    Page Turning --- Score Automation for Musicians
    John R. McPherson (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Bell)

  • HONS 06/99: [PDF: 386 Kb] [Abstract]
    PLC-Automaton Composition
    Andre Renaud (Supervisor: Dr. Paddy Krishnan)

  • HONS 07/99: [PDF: 247 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Comparison of Data Structures for Dijkstra's Single Source Shortest Path Algorithm
    Shane Saunders (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Tadao Takaoka)

  • HONS 08/99: [PDF: 282 Kb] [Abstract]
    An Animated Pedagogical Agent for SQL-Tutor
    Pramuditha Suraweera (Supervisor: Dr. Antonjia Mitrovic)

  • HONS 09/99: [PDF: 674 Kb] [Abstract]
    Active Network Security
    Theuns Verwoerd (Supervisor: Mr. Ray Hunt)

  • HONS 10/99: [PDF: 314 Kb] [Abstract]
    Type Debugging in Functional Languages
    Brendon Wyber (Supervisor: Dr. Bruce McKenzie)

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