This is where to find help resolving various issues while within the dept of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE). The idea is you start with the FAQs and if you don't find a solution there you work your way down the list to an issue that requires action by the Facilities Committee.

Online Help

Online Help - A useful collection of documents providing assistance on various topics related to the Computer Science and Software Engineering department.

Course Tutor

Your course tutor is the first person to ask if you have any problems understanding and working on your lab work and assignments. If no tutor is available then see your lecturer.

Lab Technician

Visit the lab technician in (room JE134a) for help with login problems, and equipment problems such as broken terminals or printers and electrical testing of equipment. You may also contact the lab technician on Ext. 92773 (9CSSE) (03)369-2773, during normal work hours (0900h - 1700h).

Duty Programmer

If the course tutor or the lab supervisor can not help you with your problem they will refer you to a programmer.

A programmer task may also be entered into the Task Allocation System (TAS). When using TAS, please remember to provide as much relevant information as possible, including but not limited to, your name and contact details at the university, the software and/or hardware (include your computer base number) for which assistance is required.

Health or Safety Issues

If you have seen something that is a safety risk, report it on the Health and safety job request site

Security / Emergency

If you see smoke or a fire, operate the fire alarm IMMEDIATELY and phone UC security on 6111.

If you notice a security problem after hours (after 17:00hrs and before 09:00 hrs), such as noise, vandalism or if your CARDAX does not work, phone UC security on 6111. During normal hours, 09:00-17:00 hrs, phone ext 92773 ( (03)369-2773 )

For emergency fault reports after hours, file a TAS report and we can work it on best efforts before the next working day.

Facilities Committee

Please contact the CSSE administrator (phone ext 92777 or (03)369-2777) to make an appointment with the convener of the departmental Facilities Committee to discuss matters of policy such as internet access or for general comments about the running of the facilities within the department.