• ICTG has had three papers accepted for ICCE 2009
  • Congratulations to Jay Holland, who completed his MSc thesis
  • Congratulations to Devon Barrow, who completed his MSc thesis with first class honours
  • At the ITS 2008 conference, members of ICTG will present five full papers, as well as a full day tutorial and an interactive event on constraint-based tutors
  • ICTG won the AAEE Engineering Education Excellence Award for Programmes that Enhance Excellence in Learning in the Innovation in Curricula, Learning and Teaching category. AAEE is the Australiasian Association for Engineering Education
  • Congratulations to Nancy Milik, who completed her MSc studies with first class honours
  • Congratulations to Konstantin Zakharov, who completed his MSc studies with distinction
  • Congratulations to Moffat Mathews, who won the International Write around the World Competition run by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) with his paper "Intelligent Learning: The Future of Education". In this paper, Moffat states the importance of learning, outlines the problems faced by education today, and describes Intelligent Tutoring Systems and their effect on learning. His prize is an all expenses paid trip around the world to present his paper in three IET member countries of his choice.
  • Congratulations to Pramudi Suraweera, who got a Cognitive Scientist position at Carnegie Learning (Pittsubrgh). We are sad to see Pramudi leave, but wish him all the best in the US
  • Congratulations to Nilufar Baghaei, who defended her PhD thesis on 22.8.2007
  • At the AIED 2007 conference, members of ICTG presented two full and four short papers, one workshop paper, a doctoral track paper, as well as a tutorial and an interactive event on authoring CBM tutors
  • Congratulations to Pramudi Suraweera, who defended his PhD thesis on 16.4.2007. Pramudi was a post-doc fellow at ICTG until 23.11.2007.
  • We got an IDF grant to develop VIPER, a set of authoring tools to support development of ITss for medical imaging. VIPER will build upon ASPIRE
  • Moffat Mathews won the award for Best Presentation at the recent Fifth NZ Computer Science Research Student Conference in Hamilton. The conference was held on the Waikato University marae, and was attended by post-graduate Computer Science students from all over New Zealand. All ICTG students attended the conference. More details about the conference can be found here.
  • Read about our new HP Technology for Teaching grant
  • The ASPIRE project started in July 2005 (funded by two eCDF grants). More about ASPIRE
  • At the ITS 2006 conference (Jhongli, Taiwan, 26-30 June 2006) members of ICTG presented 2 full papers, two posters, one workshop paper and one student track paper (see the Publications page)
  • Invited talk at the AIED 2005 conference
  • We signed a contract with Addison-Wesley in October 2002 for DatabasePlace - a Web portal containing information about databases including SQL-Tutor, NORMIT and EER-Tutor

About the Group

Intelligent Computer Tutoring Group was established in 1998 for research in the area of Artificial Intelligence in Education. The focus of the group is on Student Modeling. We have implemented several constraint-based ITSs, which have been thoroughly evaluated. We are currently developing ASPIRE and VIPER, authoring systems for developing constraint-based ITSs. Some of other current projects in the group concentrate on supporting meta-cognitive skills and collaborative learning in our tutors.


We love hosting visitors. Recent visitors include Beverly Woolf , Ken Koedinger, Vladan Devedzic, Julita Vassileva, Stellan Ohlsson and Judy Kay. If you are an ITS researcher and you're interested in visiting, please let us know - we'll be delighted to see you.

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