class GL.ShareGroup

A ShareGroup represents a set of OpenGL contexts (GLViews or GLPixmaps) that are sharing textures and display lists.

To set up a group of shared OpenGL contexts, you first create a ShareGroup, then you pass it as the share_group parameter when constructing the GLViews and GLPixmaps that you want to be members of the group.

You can iterate over the members of a ShareGroup, and you can use the in operator to test whether a given GLView or GLPixmap is a member of the group. However, you can't explicitly add or remove members. A member can only be added by creating in the manner described above, and it is automatically removed from the group when it is no longer referenced elsewhere.


Creates a new share group.


Returns an iterator over the members of the group (GLViews or GLPixmaps).

obj in share_group
Tests whether obj is a member of the share group.