class GL.GLPixmap(ImageBase)

The GLPixmap class in the GL submodule provides an off-screen area for OpenGL drawing that may subsequently be used as a 2D image and drawn into a Canvas.


GLPixmap(width, height, config, share_group = None)
GLPixmap(width, height, config_attr = value..., share_group = None)
Creates a GLPixmap having the given size and characteristics. In the first form of the constructor, the characteristics are specified by a GLConfig instance. In the second form, attributes of the GLConfig class are specified as individual keyword arguments to the constructor.

If share_group is specified, it should be a ShareGroup instance, and the GLPixmap is added to that group.

Abstract methods

Immediately after the view's OpenGL context is created, it is made the current context and this method is called. You may use this method to establish any desired initial OpenGL state.


with_context(function, flush = True)
The function should be a callable object of no arguments. Calls function with the pixmap's OpenGL context as the current context. If flush is true, then after calling the function, a buffer flush or swap is performed as appropriate.