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Gregory C. Ewing
Adjunct Fellow, Freelance Programmer and Code Artist

NEW: Commodore 64 PAL to RGB Adaptor

BREDSAC - A reimplementation of the historic EDSAC using 1970s parts. Inspired by the EDSAC Replica Project.
D E P A R T M E N T A L   R E S E A R C H

Akaroa: Distributed Stochastic Simulation

  • Analyse simulation output sequentially for guaranteed confidence intervals.
  • Harness the power of your local area network using Multiple Replications in Parallel.
O T H E R   P R O J E C T S


Commodore 64 PAL to RGB Adaptor

BREDSAC - A reimplementation of the historic EDSAC using 1970s parts


Pyrex - A language for writing Python extension modules
PyGUI - An experimental native Python GUI library
SuPy - Use Python to script Sketchup

Plex - A lexical analysis module

Prototype language extensions concerning generators and couroutines

Other Python enhancement ideas

Old language extension prototypes

Snobol - Pattern matching using Snobol-style primitives
Games and Game Libraries
Simple widget library for PyGame.

A musical toy inspired by Andre Michelle's Pulsate

Bell Runner
A platform game based on my PyWeek 7 competition entry.

A puzzle game and electromechanical sandbox, based on my PyWeek 5 game competition entry.

A game where you plan an execute a space probe mission. For hard-core real-world space flight enthusiasts. Based on my PyWeek 4 game competition entry.

Latest source version:

Linux version: Probe-linux-0.7.tar.gz (start it by running linux/bin/probe)

Quest for the Holy Grail
A small roguelike PyGame game with a Monty Python theme.


Reverse Engineering a CRC Algorithm
Arithmetic in Base Fibonnaci

Kerbal Space Program Mods

Attitude Rate Command Unit

Minecraft Mods

ArchitectureCraft (1.8) - Roofs, slopes, windows and more

Project Blue - Add-ons for Project Red

Greg's SG Craft - Stargates inspired by SG-1

Greg's Lighting - Powerful lamps for lighting up large  spaces

Greg's Blocks - Sloping blocks for making roofy-looking things

Greg's Blogging - Make diary entries from within your game

Greg's Prospecting - Tools to help you find valuable ores

Game Modding - Other

MarathUp - Use Sketchup to create levels for the Marathon and Aleph One game engines


X-41 - Emulation of an HP-41C programmable calculator

MacOS Classic

3D Games

4thEncounter - a game engine based on the now-released Wolfenstein 3D Mac source code
Easterthon - partially completed 3D game engine

Think Pascal

Pentominoes - flexible pentomino puzzle solver
GOOF - a compact Pascal GUI application framework
HP67 - photo-realistic emulation of a programmable calculator

Mac Hardware Hacks

FlashHD - Replacing the internal disk of a Powerbook 150 with a CompactFlash memory card


Build - an alternative to make

Yacc++ - an object-oriented parser generator

3D Art

Gingerverse - a Blender-rendered 3D comic strip, not updated for some time.

Interactive Fiction

Zilly - an archaeological exercise to create an implementation of Infocom's ZIL programming language.

Nascent Ideas

Espionage - some preliminary notes on the design of a play-by-email-style game