Greg's Lighting

Greg's Lighting is a mod for the game Minecraft. It provides Floodlights, high-powered lamps designed for lighting up large spaces. A floodlight projects a beam of light that extends for up to 64 blocks without diminishing in brightness. You can place them on the ceiling of a high room and they will light up the floor as bright as day.



The torch at the top doesn't do much for the light level at the bottom...

...but turn on a floodlight, and the floor is bathed in splendiforous brilliance!

Got a really long corridor, roadway or mining tunnel you'd like to light up? No problem!

1536 square metres of floor space, lit with just 6 floodlights.


Greg's Lighting is a Forge-based mod, so if you haven't done so already, you will need to install Forge. See the Download section below for recommended versions.


Greg's Lighting has been tested with the following versions of Minecraft, Forge and IndustrialCraft. It may or may not work with other versions.

Minecraft Version Greg's Lighting Documentation
IC2 Version
3.0.1 1.2.5
1.4.2 1.108.71
GregsLighting-1.6.7-mc1.4.4.jar 6.3.0
1.4.6 GregsLighting-1.7.1-mc1.4.6.jar 1.112.170
GregsLighting-1.8.4-mc1.5.1.jar 1.115.287
1.5.2 1.115.344 7.8.0
1.6.2 GregsLighting-1.9.0-mc1.6.2.jar 1.118.401
GregsLighting-1.9.1-mc1.6.4.jar 2.0.281 exp.
GregsLighting-1.10.1-mc1.7,2.jar 2.1.425 exp.
GregsLighting-1.11.2-mc1.7.10.jar 2.2.611 exp.

Installation - Minecraft 1.4.4 and later

Starting with version 1.6.4, to make installation easier, the jar and the documentation are provided as separate downloads.


• Minecraft 1.7 and later: Run the Forge installer.
Minecraft 1.6
Minecraft 1.5.2 and earlier


Copy GregsLighting-X.Y.Z.jar into your mods folder.


Copy GregsLighting-X.Y.Z.jar into the server's mods folder.

Installation - Minecraft 1.3-1.4.2

First unpack the zip file; it contains a jar file and documentation.


Copy GregsLighting.jar into your mods folder.


Copy GregsLighting.jar into the server's mods folder.

Installation - Minecraft 1.2.5

First unpack the zip file; it contains a client jar, a server jar and documentation.


Copy GregsLighting-Client.jar into your mods folder.


Copy GregsLighting-Server.jar into the server's mods folder.



Unpowered Floodlight
Carbide Floodlight
IC2 Electric Floodlight


For mod developers -- you don't need this just to use the mod.


This is free software. You are free to do whatever you want with it.


Carbide floodlight textures contributed by Zero.

Contacting the Author

You are welcome to email comments, suggestions and bug reports to me at:

Change History

Version 1.11.2
Fixed last beam block not being removed when a floodlight is broken.
Floodlights now turn on and off slowly so as not to cause lag spikes.
Version 1.11.1
Fixed lighting items not appearing on Greg's Lighting creative tab.
Version 1.11.0
Updated for Minecraft 1.7.10 and IC2 2.2.
Version 1.10.1
Fixed CreativeTabs-related crash on dedicated server.
Version 1.10.0
Updated for Minecraft 1.7.2.
Version 1.9.1
Updated for Minecraft 1.6.4.
Fixed crash when sprinting and jumping into a floodlight beam.
Version 1.9.0
Updated for Minecraft 1.6.2.
Version 1.8.4
Fixed failure to recognise Forestry water capsules.
Version 1.8.3
Fixed lighting and positioning of floodlight blocks rendered in the hand.
Fixed failure to recognise water cells from IC2.
Fixed carbide floodlight using too many items from water slot when refilling water tank.
Version 1.8.2
Made more robust against block/tile entity mismatches.
Version 1.8.1
Updated for changes to the IC2 API.
Version 1.8.0
Updated for Minecraft 1.5.1 - 1.5.2.
Fixed crash due to infinite recursion triggered by adjacent floodlight beams.
Version 1.7.1
Fixed serious brokenness in IC2 floodlight.
Version 1.7
Orientable floodlights. Recipes changed and rebalanced. Unpowered floodlight enabled by default. Range limit imposed.
Version 1.6.8
Updated for Minecraft 1.4.6.
Version 1.6.7
Block and item IDs are now auto-assigned if there is no existing config entry for them.
Version 1.6.6
Floodlight beams no longer prevent most types of tree from growing nearby. Big oak trees are still partially affected, but I can't do anything about that because they don't respect canBeReplacedByLeaves().
Version 1.6.5
Changed the way the IC2 floodlight handles energy to make it more CPU-efficient -- large lighting networks should now be much more server-friendly. Also, hopefully the log messages some people have been receiving about incorrect IC2 API usage will no longer occur.
Version 1.6.4
Fixed crash on trying to shift-click items in carbide floodlight GUI. (Shift-clicking is still not supported, but at least it won't cause a crash.)
Version 1.6.3
Updated for Minecraft 1.4.4.
Version 1.6.2
Simple floodlight recipe can now be enabled with a configuration setting.
Can shift-right-click on an IC2 floodlight to place a block against it.
Version 1.6.1
Floodlight beam blocks now return true for isAirBlock, to prevent them from interfering with Railcraft tanks and maybe other things.
Version 1.6
Updated for Minecraft 1.4. IndustrialCraft integration not tested yet due to lack of an IC2 release for 1.4.
Version 1.5
IC2 API class files are no longer included in the jar. This should make it more robust against minor changes in the IC2 API.
IC2 floodlights now have an integral on-off switch as an alternative to redstone control.
Version 1.4
Updated for Minecraft 1.3.
Version 1.3.1
Fixed dropping floodlight beam blocks under various conditions.
IC2 floodlights now explode if fed with excessive voltage.
Version 1.3
Fixed failure to load when IndustrialCraft2 not present.
Version 1.2
Introduced the Carbide Floodlight and IC2 Electric Floodlight. The old unpowered floodlight block can no longer be crafted, but for the time being it is still present and can be obtained in creative mode.
Version 1.1
Improved behaviour when transparent blocks are placed in the beam path. In particular, placing a glass block directly below a floodlight no longer prevents it from producing any light.
Version 1.0
Initial version.

Old Versions

Previous versions of Greg's Lighting can be found here:

Greg's Lighting Download Area