Electronic document distribution

DRAFT VERSION 23 July 1999

This page links to three documents that discuss the issue of publishing and distributing documents electronically. It is subtitled "Why I can't read Microsoft Word attachments", and was prompted by the problems that a number of people have encountered with email recently.

Part of the message is in the form as well as the content. The same document is available in three formats, and you are invited to view each of them. All three were generated from the same Microsoft Word document.

(For a simple object lesson in using "doc" files, have a look at this article about the Danish prime minister, who now uses PDF instead of Word files to make press releases!)

For those who are interested in pdf, here are two more files that demonstrate its versatility:

I would welcome feedback on this issue, and I would be particularly interested to hear from people who have trouble reading PDF files. Please email (in plain text :-) at tim@cosc.canterbury.ac.nz

Modified: 28-Jul-1999