SENG302 Abstracts - Software Engineering Showcase | Whakaaturanga Hanga Pūmanawa 2019 - Computer Science and Software Engineering - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

SENG302 Abstracts 2019

The abstract for each of the teams is below.


Max Andrew, Ryan Chen, Harrison Cook, Claudia Field, Campbell Mercer-Butcher, Matthew Minish, Oliver Sharplin, William Wallace


TravelEA is your one-stop shop for travel inspiration. Follow other travellers and destinations to put a spark back into your travel planning. Through a collection of convenient news feeds across the application, you can view changes and keep up to date. You can create personalised trips from an extensive collection of destinations. Dont see the destination you want? Simply add it yourself! If someone has a trip that appeals, you can copy it to your profile and adjust it to suit you.

Features such as tags and traveller types help you to find relevant content. Photos add interest to a destination and let you make your profile unique and appealing. With a high-end display and intuitive navigation, TravelEA is a pleasure to use



Sam Annand, Exequiel Bahamonde-Carcamo, Angelica Dela Cruz, Isaac Foster, Rafael Goesmann, Finn Greig, Andrew Holden, Vikas Shenoy


Flockr is a travel application targeted towards users that are interested in travelling with other people, and collaboratively planning these trips. Flockr has been designed with this in mind, and has some key features that empower users to plan trips with their friends, family or business partners.

With Flockr, you can create a trip with other users and specify permissions for each of them. This allows other members of the trip to adjust the destinations in the trip, as well as the arrival and departure dates of each location.

Users can also create sub trips (legs) allowing them to easily manage a larger trip. All of this can be done collaboratively in real time. When managing these trips in real time, we thought our users would like some way of communicating with each other, in case they are not in the same room. This is why we have included text and voice chatting within our application, these are available from anywhere in the app, and there is also a shortcut to create a group chat from a trip


Team 200

Samuel Dravitzki, Janardan Hamilton, James Hay, Torben Klausen, Clarke Mcfadzien, Matthew Mischewski, Ryan Sze Xian Ong, Christopher Worrall


Wanderer is a social travel web application. The web application is focused around documenting your travels with photos and videos and sharing them to social media networks with one click. It is developed by third year students at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Users will be able to store photos and videos on their profile. They will also be able to view and create destinations using google maps. They can link their Facebook, Youtube, Twitter accounts to their wanderer account and post directly to those platform from the web application.


Boeing 700

Harry Feasey, Liam Gray, George Khella, Chuan Lik Law, Ambrose Ledbrook, Jade Martin, Samuel Verdellen, Luke Walsh


Soundbound connects travellers to their favourite artists. Users can find events that may interest them wherever they are in the world. Using a map, users can find and filter events to find exactly what they want, where they want it. Users have the power to discover new artists they will love, or follow artists they already enjoy.

With Soundbound artists have the power to share their music and their events with the world. Creating an event will allow general users to discover your music and rock on. Soundbound links with an artist's Spotify and makes it easy for users to listen to their music.

Boeing 700Soundbound

Paradise Travels

Viktor Bubanja, Andre Fremaux, Manoj Paladugu, Sachin Sakthivel, Samuel Shankland, Aaron Smith, Elisha Tanoi, Min Zhang

Paradise Travels is an executive travel application. The purpose of this application is to provide users with the functionality to create and organise their travel itinerates. Paradise Travels will allow users to build travel itineraries with a multitude of destinations. Users will have the ability to create destinations that they wish to visit and add them to their travel itineraries.

Paradise Travels will allow users to find travel routes for travel itineraries that were created. Users will be able to view flight itineraries between the destinations of their trips. If a user wishes to purchase flights, they will be redirected to the website directly where they can immediately buy the tickets. Users will be able to save these travel itineraries and their related flight information which they can view later. Another unique feature of Paradise Travels is to help users with ideas for where to travel. Users will be recommended personal travel itineraries depending on their budgets, user personality and favourite continents. in real time via the radius on the map and the progress bars on the available organs screen.


Noel Bisson, Benjamin Duke, Jason Little, Gavin Ong, Jack Orchard, Luke Parkinson, Priyesh Shah, Michael Shannon, Logan Shaw



There's no commonly used social media platform that is dedicated to events like festivals, concerts, plays or markets.

Event information is often fragmented between individual sites, ticket distributers and various social media platforms.


iVentr is a website where users can follow each other to see events they are interested in or going to.

We use external APIs to find as many events as we can and gather them in one place.

Users can find events nearby and plan trips from destination to destination to go to these events.

Users can share photos of any events they go to and check out photos from users they are following.



Adam Conway, Flynn Doherty, Lorenzo Fasano, Marvin Goesmann, Risheng Huang, Dana Lambert, Fergus Meldrum, Jeremy Toth, Caleb Wenborn


Planning for international meetings, expos and conferences is an expensive and time-consuming process for many organisations. Organisers often face a long and tedious planning process as employee attendance, preferences and needs change. Lack of communication and poor collaboration cause employees to often feel out of the loop or have little say with this process. It is also difficult to keep track of documents such as receipts and itineraries with non-centralised email correspondence.

Travelr enables organisations to plan and manage business trips for their teams more effectively and easily. Our app provides centralised trip planning information; readily accessible to all trip members on their computer or mobile to allow seamless trip organisation. Travelr keeps trip information together with the ability to easily upload and view trip related files or media. Organisers can export trip information by downloading a generated trip itinerary pdf or using the built-in email system to share this with colleagues. Travelr encourages a highly collaborative environment during the trip planning process with access to tools such as Slack communication, a built-in trip commenting system and real time trip sharing. These features ensure members remain engaged and will get the best experience while saving organisers'.



Cameron Arnold, Douglas Barrett, Vincent Jamieson, Matthew Kenny, Hayden Morriss, Matilda Porterfield, Joel Ridden, Isaac Worsley


Everyware has taken a spin on this application by allowing its users to create and solve quests as they travel around the world. Users are incentivised to use Odyssey by being rewarded with points and badges for utilising features of the application.

Quests are a list of riddles that, once solved, reveal destinations that users can travel to. Once the user arrives at the revealed destination, their current location can be used to check-in at that location and unlock the next riddle in the quest. Users solve a quest by guessing and checking into each location.

As well as the fully comprehensive desktop site, users of Odyssey can open our application via a web browser on their mobile phone. This allows users to take Odyssey with them in their pocket on their journey to solve quests.

Odyssey can provide a new and exciting edge to campus open days, museum tours, events, and even during guided tours.

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