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Software Engineering Showcase | Whakaaturanga Hanga Pūmanawa 2017

Download the SENG302 Programme (PDF 96KB)
Download the SENG402 Programme (PDF 96KB)

SENG302 Project 2017

Product: Racevision and Game-X

This year's project was inspired by the 35th staging of The America's Cup 2017. As a side note, Emirates Team New Zealand won by a score of 7 to 1 over Oracle Team USA (the defenders). Go Team New Zealand!

Student teams were asked to create an application that took real America's Cup data from a server and visualized it for various personas (including a novice and an expert). The America's Cup ran from 17-26 June 2017. By this time, all teams were able to complete many of the stories on the backlog. However, there was a surprise in store for the teams. We introduced a pivot, moving from a visualizer to a sailing game. This tested the agility and flexibility of the teams and the extensibility of their codebase.

The project was run using the Scrum framework with many of the XP processes. There were a few constraints, such as the language (Java), sourcecode control (Git), and a prioritised backlog. Towards the end of the year, teams were allowed to contribute significantly to the backlog. Some of the unique features of the products reflect this.

SENG302 Presentation Schedule

Starts: 0900  Date: Friday  13th  October 2017 Where: Bentleys UCSA Events Centre (Parking)

0830-0900Coffee and tea served

Session: 1  Chair: Will Richardson  

0900-0930Introduction: Matthias Galster
0930-0945This year's project: Thomas Young
0945-0955Team RaceScape
1000-1010Nauti Buoys
1015-1025Burgers and Boats
1030-1040Full Mast
1045-1055Party Parrots
1100-1110Zaffre Tides
1130-1140Travelling Sailsmen

Session: 2  

1215-1400Lunch and interactive session

SENG402 Presentation Schedule

Starts: 0930  Date: Thursday  12th  October 2017 Where: KC04 and KC05, Kirkwood Village (Parking)

Room: KC04  

0930-1000Morning tea

Session: 1A: Education  Chair: Richard Lobb  Room: KC04  

1015Kanyakorn Kitisopakul: Extending UCanAsk, UC's Audience Response System
1030Thomas Wilding: Discrete Mathematics Puzzles for Learning
1045Will Richardson: Improved Teaching of Group Projects with Lens++
1100Emily Price: Developing UI Plugins for Coderunner

Session: 1B: Computer Vision and AR/VR  Chair: Andreas Willig  Room: KC05  

10:15Dale Baker: Detecting Branches In Depth Images Generated By An R200 Camera
1030Patrick Nicholls: Ravensdown UAV Crop Metrics
1045Liam McKee and Adam Hunt: HoloLens Geology Model Visualisation


Session: 2A: Education II  Chair: DongSeong Kim  Room: KC04  

1130Nicolas Robinson-O'Brien: Improving Stochastic Petri Nets (SPNP) software package: SPNP Gui
1145Isabelle Taylor: Interactives in the Computer Science Field Guide
1200Josh Nimmo: Pedestrian Detection and Collission Avoidance

Session: 2B: AR/VR  Chair: Mukundan  Room: KC05  

1130Jonty Trombik, Hamish Christeller and Nic Christeller: Model Visualisation and Furnishing in VR
1200Nick Russell: Virtual Reality Engineering & Construction Collaboration


Session: 3A: Applications I  Chair: Matthias Galster  Room: KC04  

1300James Bayly: UC Student Reps Management
1315Sarah Jackson: Using sensors to provide movement feedback to aid patients with physical rehabilitation
1330Vincent Reilly: Inexpensive Vehicle Tracking System
1345Elora Walmisley: Gathering and Interpreting Data from Sensors to Help with Physical Rehabilitation

Session: 3B: Mobile Applications  Chair: Tim Bell  Room: KC05  

1300Angeli Arino: UCIRO Health and Safety Travelers Application
1315Regan Gully: LOVEChristchurch
1330James Watson: NextGig - Connecting musicians and venues
1345Aaron Wilson: Revolution Youth App


Session: 4A: Applications II  Chair: Andy Cockburn  Room: KC04  

1415Joseph Weaver: FlatMum: All-in-one Flatting Utility App
1430Elliot Lines Smith: FlatMum: All-in-one Flatting Utility App

Session: 4B: Applications III  Chair: Walter Guttmann  Room: KC05  

1415Sam Cassidy: Gamification for Project Priorities
1430Jonathon Garratt: Gamification for Project Priorities

Room: KC04  

1500Closing comments
1515Afternoon tea


Photos and/or video might be taken at this event. These will only be used for promoting the university and courses. Please let the event co-ordinator know if you do not want your photo taken so that your face can be blurred out.

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