Christchurch NZPC Site Page

The next NZ Programming Contest is Saturday August 19th, 2023

Local site information (at the University of Canterbury)


Lab 2 (Room 133)
Jack Erskine Building
Cnr Science and Engineering Rds


Other languages can possibly be supplied if requested sufficiently in advance.


GNU Mint 20 Linux machines, flat panel displays.

We will use the DOMjudge automated judge system for running the contest.


12:30pm Registration and Briefing (required attendance) in Computer Science Lab 2 (Jack Erskine Room 133)
12:45pm - 1:45pm Practice session---to get used to the equipment and the method of result submission
1:45pm - 1:55pm Everyone thrown out of the lab so we can get it cleared for the contest
2pm - 7pm The actual contest in COSC Lab 2
7pm - 8pm Pizza
7:30pm With luck the country wide provisional results


If you're competing at the Christchurch site, please register your team here, We need this information for catering and problem-set-printing purposes.

For more information

Contact Richard Lobb, Erskine Room 211, University of Canterbury.