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Technical Reports

This page contains an index of all technical reports of the CSSE department. Most reports are available in PDF format, except for a few that could not be converted to PDF; these are in PostScript format, compressed with gzip.

Note: Please read the disclaimer and copyright notice that applies to these documents before copying any.

Year Index

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  • TR-COSC 01/17: [PDF: 958 Kb] [Abstract]
    Concepts for Network Policies
    Andrew Curtis-Black, Matthias Galster, Andreas Willig


  • TR-COSC 01/15: [PDF: 23272 Kb] [Abstract]
    An investigation of methods in automated analysis of output data in steady-state simulation of stochastic systems
    Martin Brozovic, Krzysztof Pawlikowski, Dong-Seong Kim and Don McNickle

  • TR-COSC 02/15: [PDF: 910 Kb] [Abstract]
    Isabelle/HOL Theories of Algebras for Iteration, Infinite Executions and Correctness of Sequential Computations
    Walter Guttmann



  • TR-COSC 01/13: (Unavailable) [Abstract]
    Evaluation of Tag Cloud Visualisation: A Systematic Mapping Study
    Jessica Emerson and Neville Churcher


  • TR-COSC 01/12: [PDF: 364 Kb] [Abstract]
    Pseudo-Random Number Generators for Massively Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation
    A. Freeth, K. Pawlikowski and D. McNickle

  • TR-COSC 02/12: [PDF: 325 Kb] [Abstract]
    Parallel Sequential Estimation of Quantiles During Steady State Simulation
    M. Eickhoff, K. Pawlikowski and D. McNickle

  • TR-COSC 03/12: [PDF: 269 Kb] [Abstract]
    Heuristic Rules for Improving Quality of Results from Sequential Stochastic Discrete-Event Simulation
    K. Pawlikowski, D. Mcnickle and J.-S. R. Lee


  • TR-COSC 01/11: [PDF: 709 Kb] [Abstract]
    Tag Clouds in Software Visualisation
    Chris Deaker, Neville Churcher, Warwick Irwin

  • TR-COSC 02/11: (Unavailable) [Abstract]
    Applications of Tag Clouds in Information and Software Visualisation
    Neville Churcher, Chris Deaker and Warwick Irwin

  • TR-COSC 03/11: (Unavailable) [Abstract]
    Taggle Technical Manual
    Chris Deaker and Neville Churcher


  • TR-COSC 01/10: [PDF: 51 Kb] [Abstract]
    List of Qualitas Code Corpus Programs used for Encapsulation Research
    Janina Voigt, Warwick Irwin, Neville Churcher


  • TR-COSC 01/09: (Unavailable) [Abstract]
    A Guide to Using Java Symbol Table to Analyse Software
    Janina Voigt

  • TR-COSC 02/09: (Unavailable) [Abstract]
    A Guide to Using JST Parse Trees for Code Generation
    Janina Voigt


  • TR-COSC 01/08: (Unavailable) [Abstract]
    CodeRank: Extensions and Experiments
    Janina Voigt

  • TR-COSC 02/08: [PDF: 589 Kb] [Abstract]
    Revisiting Read Wear: Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of a Footprints Scrollbar
    Jason Alexander, Andy Cockburn, Stephen Fitchett, Carl Gutwin, Saul Greenberg

  • TR-COSC 03/08: [PDF: 826 Kb] [Abstract]
    Sequential Estimation of Variance in Steady-State Simulation
    Adriaan Schmidt, Krzysztof Pawlikowski and Don McNickle


  • TR-COSC 01/07: [PDF: 1258 Kb] [Abstract]
    Sequential Quantile Estimation: Reference Manual of a Software Tool
    Mirko Eickhoff


  • TR-COSC 01/06: [PDF: 469 Kb] [Abstract]
    ASPIRE: Ontology Workspace and Problem Editor
    Antonija Mitrovic, Brent Martin, Pramuditha Suraweera, Konstantin Zakharov, Nancy Milik and Jay Holland

  • TR-COSC 02/06: [PDF: 1209 Kb] [Abstract]
    Comparison of Various Estimators of Hurst Parameter in Simulated FGN
    Hae-Duck Jeong, Don McNickle and Krzysztof Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 03/06: [PDF: 101 Kb] [Abstract]
    Ranking Cartesian Sums and K -maximum subarray problem
    Sung Eun Bae and Tadao Takaoka

  • TR-COSC 04/06: [PDF: 307 Kb] [Abstract]
    Supporting OO Design Heuristics
    Neville Churcher, Sarah Frater, Cong Phuoc Huynh and Warwick Irwin

  • TR-COSC 05/06: [PDF: 826 Kb] [Abstract]
    Survey of simulators of Next Generation Networks for studying service availability and resilience
    L. Begg, W. Liu, K. Pawlikowski, S. Perera and H. Sirisena


  • TR-COSC 01/05: [PDF: 38 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Framework for Linking Projects and Project Management Methods
    Tony Dale, Neville Churcher and Warwick Irwin

  • TR-COSC 02/05: [PDF: 2188 Kb] [Abstract]
    Hybrid Random Early Detection Algorithm for Improving End-to-End Congestion Control in TCP/IP Networks
    Aun Haider, Harsha Sirisena and Krzysztof Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 03/05: [PDF: 540 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Survey and Empirical Comparison of Modern Pseudo-Random Number Generators for Distributed Stochastic Simulations
    Marcus Schoo, Krzysztof Pawlikowski and Don McNickle

  • TR-COSC 04/05: [PDF: 585 Kb] [Abstract]
    Description of a User Evaluation for Synchronous Collaborative Software Engineering Tools
    Carl Cook, Warwick Irwin and Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 05/05: [PDF: 344 Kb] [Abstract]
    The Design and Use of Synchronous Collaborative Software Engineering Tools
    Carl Cook and Warwick Irwin and Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 06/05: [PDF: 519 Kb] [Abstract]
    ASPIRE: Functional Specification and Architectural Design
    Antonija Mitrovic, Brent Martin, Pramuditha Suraweera, Konstantin Zakharov, Nancy Milik and Jay Holland

  • TR-COSC 07/05: (Unavailable) [Abstract]
    CodeRank: A New Family of Software Metrics
    Blair Neate, Warwick Irwin and Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 08/05: [PDF: 667 Kb] [Abstract]
    ASPIRE: Student Modelling and Domain Specification
    Antonija Mitrovic, Brent Martin, Pramuditha Suraweera, Konstanin Zakharov, Nancy Milik, Jay Holland


  • TR-COSC 01/04: [PDF: 104 Kb] [Abstract]
    Grid Computing: the Current State and Future Trends (in general and from the University of Canterbury's perspective)
    A. Roxburgh, K. Pawlikowski and D. McNickle

  • TR-COSC 02/04: [PDF: 346 Kb] [Abstract]
    Collaborative Software Engineering: An Annotated Bibliography
    Carl Cook

  • TR-COSC 03/04: [PDF: 340 Kb] [Abstract]
    Towards Synchronous Collaborative Software Engineering
    Carl Cook, Warwick Irwin and Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 04/04: [PDF: 131 Kb] [Abstract]
    Grids and Private Networks are Antithetical
    Andrew Martin and Carl Cook

  • TR-COSC 05/04: [PDF: 342 Kb] [Abstract]
    Modelling and Measuring Collaborative Software Engineering
    Carl Cook and Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 06/04: [PDF: 213 Kb] [Abstract]
    Informing the Design of Pipeline-Based Software Visualisations
    Neville Churcher and Warwick Irwin


  • TR-COSC 01/03: [PDF: 164 Kb] [Abstract]
    Object Oriented Metrics: Precision Tools and Configurable Visualisations
    Warwick Irwin and Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 02/03: [PDF: 237 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Pure-Java Group Communication Framework
    Carl Cook and Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 03/03: [PDF: 387 Kb] [Abstract]
    An Extensible Framework for Collaborative Software Engineering
    Carl Cook and Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 04/03: [PDF: 547 Kb] [Abstract]
    Inhomogeneous Force-Directed Layout Algorithms in the Visualisation Pipeline: From Layouts to Visualisations
    Neville Churcher, Warwick Irwin and Carl Cook

  • TR-COSC 05/03: [PDF: 143 Kb] [Abstract]
    Displaying Linear Programs and their Solutions with XML and SVG
    Hans Chang, John F Raffensperger and Neville Churcher


  • TR-COSC 01/02: [PDF: 295 Kb] [Abstract]
    Visualising Class Cohesion with Virtual Worlds
    Neville Churcher, Warwick Irwin and Ron Kriz

  • TR-COSC 02/02: [PDF: 419 Kb] [Abstract]
    Pessimism as an Information System Management Tool in the Public Sector: Lessons from the INCIS Fiasco in the New Zealand Police Force
    Tony Dale, Shaun Goldfinch

  • TR-COSC 03/02: [PDF: 159 Kb] [Abstract]
    Theme-Based Literate Programming
    Andreas Kacofegitis and Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 04/02: [PDF: 221 Kb] [Abstract]
    Improving Web Page Revisitation: Analysis, Design, and Evaluation
    Andy Cockburn, Saul Greenberg, Steve Jones, Bruce McKenzie, Michael Moyle


  • TR-COSC 01/01: [PDF: 199 Kb] [Abstract]
    Analysis of Source Code: A Case Study
    Danita Hartley and Padmanabhan Krishnan

  • TR-COSC 02/01: (Unavailable) [Abstract]
    Paddy Krishnan (Ed.)

  • TR-COSC 03/01: [PDF: 273 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Scalable Middleware-Based Active Network Architecture for Next Generation Communications
    Carl Cook, Paddy Krishnan, Krzysztof Pawlikowski, Harsha Sirisena

  • TR-COSC 04/01: [PDF: 279 Kb] [Abstract]
    Building Virtual Worlds with the Big-Bang Model
    Neville Churcher and Alan Creek

  • TR-COSC 05/01: [PDF: 207 Kb] [Abstract]
    XML in the Visualisation Pipeline
    Warwick Irwin and Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 06/01: [PDF: 460 Kb] [Abstract]
    Pattern matching in compressed texts and images
    Bell, Adjeroh and Mukherjee

  • TR-COSC 07/01: [PDF: 466 Kb] [Abstract]
    Pattern Matching in Compressed Text and Images
    Tim Bell, Don Adjeroh, Amar Mukherjee


  • TR-COSC 01/00: (Unavailable) [Abstract]
    Proceedings of NZFPDC'00
    Padmanabhan Krishnan (Editor)


  • TR-COSC 01/99: [PDF: 210 Kb] [Abstract]
    The NTP subnet in New Zealand
    Paul Ashton

  • TR-COSC 02/99: [PDF: 104 Kb] [Abstract]
    Coverage Analysis of Sequential Regenerative Simulation
    Jong-Suk R. Lee

  • TR-COSC 03/99: [PDF: 647 Kb] [Abstract]
    Fast Self-Similar Teletraffic Generation Based on FGN and Inverse DWT
    H.-D. J. Jeong, D. McNickle and K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 04/99: [PDF: 341 Kb] [Abstract]
    An Intelligent SQL Tutor on the Web
    Antonija Mitrovic and Kurt Hausler


  • TR-COSC 01/98: [PostScript: 489 Kb] [Abstract]
    An Alternative Form of Computer Programming
    Hayashi, Tsunetoshi

  • TR-COSC 02/98: [PDF: 53 Kb] [Abstract]
    Scanner - A tool for collecting object oriented software metrics from C++ class definitions
    Murray Wong

  • TR-COSC 03/98: [PDF: 1884 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Comparative Study of Generators of Synthetic Self-Similar Teletraffic
    H.-D. J. Jeong, D. McNickle and K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 04/98: [PDF: 159 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Survey of Confidence Interval Formulae for Coverage Analysis
    Jong-Suk Ruth Lee, Donald McNickle and Krzysztof Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 05/98: [PDF: 121 Kb] [Abstract]
    Sequential Estimation of Quantiles
    Jong-Suk Ruth Lee; Donald McNickle and Krzysztof Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 06/98: [PDF: 1468 Kb] [Abstract]
    Initial experiences with a clock synchronisation test bed
    P. Ashton and J. Mackenzie

  • TR-COSC 07/98: [PDF: 724 Kb] [Abstract]
    Akaroa 2.5 User's Manual
    G. Ewing, K. Pawlikowski and D. McNickle

  • TR-COSC 08/98: [PDF: 113 Kb] [Abstract]
    Akaroa2: Exploiting Network Computing by Distributing Stochastic Simulation
    G. Ewing, K. Pawlikowski and D. McNickle

  • TR-COSC 09/98: [PDF: 695 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Generator of Pseudo-Random Self-Similar Sequences Based on SRA
    H.-D. J. Jeong, D. McNickle and K. Pawlikowski


  • TR-COSC 01/97: [PDF: 125 Kb] [Abstract]
    Minimal Mergesort
    Tadao Takaoka

  • TR-COSC 02/97: [PDF: 157 Kb] [Abstract]
    Shortest Path Algorithms for Nearly Acyclic Directed Graphs
    Tadao Takaoka

  • TR-COSC 03/97: [PDF: 178 Kb] [Abstract]
    Sub-cubic Cost Algorithms for the All Pairs Shortest Path Problem
    Tadao Takaoka

  • TR-COSC 04/97: [PDF: 208 Kb] [Abstract]
    Visualisation Techniques for Collaborative GIS Browsers
    Neville Churcher, Parames Prachuabmoh and Clare Churcher

  • TR-COSC 05/97: [PDF: 269 Kb] [Abstract]
    Towards Literate Tools for Novice Programmers
    Andy Cockburn and Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 06/97: (Unavailable) [Abstract]
    A Micro-Controller interface for Control-L devices
    Tony Dale

  • TR-COSC 07/97: [PDF: 123 Kb] [Abstract]
    Akaroa II Version 2.4.2 User's Manual
    Greg Ewing and Kzrystof Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 08/97: [PDF: 589 Kb] [Abstract]
    SQL-Tutor: a preliminary report
    Antonija Mitrovic

  • TR-COSC 10/97: [PDF: 163 Kb] [Abstract]
    Generating Strings at Random from a Context Free Grammar
    Bruce McKenzie


  • TR-COSC 01/96: [PDF: 176 Kb] [Abstract]
    GroupARC---A Collaborative Approach to Gis
    Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 02/96: [PDF: 167 Kb] [Abstract]
    An Immersion Model for Software Engineering Projects
    Neville Churcher and Andy Cockburn

  • TR-COSC 03/96: [PDF: 253 Kb] [Abstract]
    Akaroa II Version 1.2.1 User's Manual
    Greg Ewing

  • TR-COSC 04/96: [PDF: 46 Kb] [Abstract]
    Using Interaction Networks For Visualization of Message Passing
    Paul Ashton

  • TR-COSC 05/96: [PDF: 625 Kb] (No abstract)
    Automating Parallel and Distributed Quantative Stochastic Simulation
    Victor Yau


  • TR-COSC 01/95: [PDF: 463 Kb] [Abstract]
    Applications of Distortion-Oriented Presentation Techniques in GIS
    Neville Churcher

  • TR-COSC 02/95: [PostScript: 702 Kb] (No abstract)
    Optical Music Recognition: Feature Identification
    David Bainbridge

  • TR-COSC 03/95: [PDF: 106 Kb] (No abstract)
    Unix/X-windows meets the Etherswitch
    Tony Dale

  • TR-COSC 04/95: [PDF: 163 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Calculus Based on Absence of Actions
    Padmanabhan Krishnan

  • TR-COSC 05/95: [PostScript: 488 Kb] [Abstract]
    Credibility of the Final Results from Quantitative Stochastic Simulation
    G. Ewing, D. McNickle and K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 06/95: [PDF: 196 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Random Access Protocol for Unidirectional Bus Networks
    R. Mathar and K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 07/95: [PDF: 199 Kb] [Abstract]
    Monitoring the processing of interactive requests on distributed systems
    Paul Ashton and John Penny

  • TR-COSC 08/95: [PDF: 134 Kb] (No abstract)
    Use of Interaction Networks in teaching Minix
    Paul Ashton, Carl Cerecke, Craig McGeachie and Stuart Yeates

  • TR-COSC 09/95: [PDF: 228 Kb] [Abstract]
    The Amoeba Interaction Network: Initial Results
    Paul Ashton

  • TR-COSC 10/95: [PDF: 175 Kb] [Abstract]
    An Interaction Network Monitor For Amoeba
    Paul Ashton

  • TR-COSC 11/95: [PDF: 300 Kb] [Abstract]
    The Design and Evolution of TurboTurtle, a Collaborative Microworld for Exploring Newtonian Physics
    Andy Cockburn and Saul Greenberg

  • TR-COSC 12/95: [PDF: 172 Kb] [Abstract]
    Algorithms For Off-line Clock Synchronization
    Paul Ashton


  • TR-COSC 01/94: [PostScript: 51 Kb] [Abstract]
    A DiGraph Model for Extended Event Structures
    P. Krishnan & D. Bryant

  • TR-COSC 02/94: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Methodology of Stochastic Simulation for Studying Non-stationary Behaviour of Telecommunication Networks
    K. Pawlikowski et. al.

  • TR-COSC 03/94: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    (Title unavailable)
    (Author unknown)

  • TR-COSC 04/94: [PDF: 156 Kb] [Abstract]
    Pragmatics of the Action Semantics Approach: Fault Tolerance As An Example
    Padmanabhan Krishnan

  • TR-COSC 05/94: [PDF: 657 Kb] (No abstract)
    Optical Music Recognition: Progress Report 1
    David Bainbridge

  • TR-COSC 06/94: [PDF: 109 Kb] (No abstract)
    A Complete Optical Music Recognition System: Looking to the future
    David Bainbridge


  • TR-COSC 01/93: [PDF: 115 Kb] [Abstract]
    Very Fast Pattern Matching for Highly Repetitive Text
    D. Kulp

  • TR-COSC 02/93: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    R & D Investigation on Experimental Control for Simulation
    K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 04/93: [PDF: 220 Kb] (No abstract)
    Graphical User Interface for Linguistic Experiments
    P. Krishnan

  • TR-COSC 05/93: [PDF: 137 Kb] [Abstract]
    SunOS Minix: a Tool for Use in Operating System Laboratories
    P. Ashton, D. Ayers, P. Smith

  • TR-COSC 06/93: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Speeding up Sequential Stochastic Simulation by Relative Variance Reduction
    K. Pawlikowski, L. de Vere

  • TR-COSC 07/93: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Distributed Queue Dual Bus MAN with Multi-Used Slots
    V. Yau, K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 08/93: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    CC-STAR: a Centrally Coupled Passive Broadcast-and-Select Star Architecture for Lightwave Networks
    V. Yau, K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 09/93: [PDF: 164 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Case Study in Specifying and Testing Architectural Features
    P. Krishnan

  • TR-COSC 10/93: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Distributed Stochastic Discrete-Event Simulation in Parallel Time Streams
    K. Pawlikowski, V. Yau, D. McNickle

  • TR-COSC 11/93: [PDF: 182 Kb] (No abstract)
    A Semantic Characterisation for Faults in Replicated Systems
    P. Krishnan

  • TR-COSC 12/93: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Detection and significance of initial transient period in quantitative simulation
    C. Stacey, K. Pawlikowski, D. McNickle

  • TR-COSC 13/93: [PDF: 153 Kb] (No abstract)
    The effect of data compression on packet sizes in data communication systems
    K. Pawlikowski, T. Bell, H. Emberson & P. Ashton

  • TR-COSC 14/93: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Four principles for groupware design: a foundation for participative development
    A. Cockburn, S. Jones

  • TR-COSC 15/93: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Photi - A Fisheye View of Bubbles
    N.I. Churcher

  • TR-COSC 16/93: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Maintaining Quality Through Software Metrics
    N.I. Churcher & S.R. Garner

  • TR-COSC 17/93: [PDF: 185 Kb] (No abstract)
    Tuning networked Unix systems for modern applications
    Tony Dale


  • TR-COSC 01/92: [PDF: 178 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Process Algebraic Approach to Fault-Tolerance
    P. Krishnan & B.J. McKenzie

  • TR-COSC 02/92: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    R & D Investigations of Experimental Control for Simulations
    K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 03/92: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Massively Parallel Stochastic Simulations
    K. Pawlikowski, V. Yau

  • TR-COSC 04/92: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Akaroa: a Package for Parallel Stochastic Simulation
    V. Yau, K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 05/92: [PDF: 165 Kb] [Abstract]
    Load Balancing by Allocation of User Login Sessions
    P. Smith & P. Ashton

  • TR-COSC 06/92: [PDF: 179 Kb] (No abstract)
    Pre-Orders for Fault Tolerance
    P. Krishnan


  • TR-COSC 01/91: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    The interaction network: a performance evaluation tool for loosely-coupled distributed systems
    P. Ashton, J. Penny

  • TR-COSC 02/91: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    User interface aspects of Tim
    W. Kreutzer

  • TR-COSC 03/91: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    A software metrician's workbench
    S. Garner, N. Churcher

  • TR-COSC 04/91: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Designer dictionaries
    N. Churcher, K. Kuiper

  • TR-COSC 05/91: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Independent replications versus spectral analysis of output data in steady-state simulation of high speed data networks
    V. Yau, K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 06/91: [PDF: 161 Kb] (No abstract)
    Specifying asynchronous transfer of control
    P. Krishnan, P.D. Mosses

  • TR-COSC 07/91: [PDF: 229 Kb] [Abstract]
    A semantics for multiprocessor systems
    P. Krishnan


  • TR-COSC 01/90: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    The Modellers' Assistant - a first step towards integration of knowledge bases - modelling systems
    (Author unknown)

  • TR-COSC 02/90: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    C-Flavours - a Scheme-based flavour system with coroutines and its application to the design of object-oriented simulation software
    W. Kreutzer, M. Stairmand

  • TR-COSC 03/90: [PDF: 60 Kb] [Abstract]
    Compression of parallel texts
    C. Nevill, T. Bell

  • TR-COSC 04/90: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Analysis of a satellite TDMA-reservation channel with multi-message buffers in mixed traffic environment
    M. Asgarkhani, K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 05/90: [PDF: 19 Kb] (No abstract)
    The effect of data compression on packet sizes in data communication systems
    T. Bell, K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 06/90: [PostScript: 814 Kb] (No abstract)
    The modelling and performance analysis of user interactions with a distributed system
    P. Ashton, J. Penny

  • TR-COSC 07/90: [PDF: 160 Kb] [Abstract]
    Sharing geographic data
    R. Pascoe and N. Churcher


  • TR-COSC 01/89: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    (Title unavailable)
    W. Kreutzer

  • TR-COSC 02/89: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Macaw: An entity-relationship diagrammer for the Macintosh
    Choong Li Sim and N. Churcher

  • TR-COSC 03/89: [PDF: 104 Kb] [Abstract]
    LR Parsing of CFGs with restrictions
    B. McKenzie

  • TR-COSC 04/89: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    A snapshot management system for a class of distributed database applications
    R. Fish and N. Churcher

  • TR-COSC 06/89: [PDF: 139 Kb] [Abstract]
    Longest match string searching for Ziv-Lempel compression
    T. Bell and D. Kulp

  • TR-COSC 07/89: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    GQL: A graphical query interface for relational databases
    M. Naguleswaran and N. Churcher

  • TR-COSC 08/89: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Brief CASE: Teaching old dogs new tricks
    N. Churcher, A. Couch and P. Yee

  • TR-COSC 09/89: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    GQL: A graphical query language
    M. Naguleswaran and N. Churcher

  • TR-COSC 10/89: [PDF: 87 Kb] [Abstract]
    Selecting a hashing algorithm
    B. McKenzie, R. Harries and T. Bell

  • TR-COSC 11/89: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    NS-Chart: Teaching an old dog new tricks
    A. Couch and N. Churcher

  • TR-COSC 12/89: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Analysis of buffered TDMA reservation protocol in uniform and mixed traffic environments
    M. Asgarkhani and K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 13/89: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Steady state simulation of queueing processes: a survey of problems and solutions
    K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 14/89: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Fast Ziv-Lempel decoding using RISC architecture
    D. Jaggar


  • TR-COSC 01/88: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Steady state simulation of queueing processes II: a survey of problems and solutions
    K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 02/88: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    P. An alternative syntax for postscript: user's manual
    G. Ewing

  • TR-COSC 03/88: [PDF: 94 Kb] [Abstract]
    Fast peephole optimization techniques
    B. McKenzie

  • TR-COSC 04/88: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Tiny Tim: A Smalltalk toolbox for rapid prototyping and animation of models
    W. Kreutzer


  • TR-COSC 01/87: (Unavailable) [Abstract]
    (Title unavailable)
    W. Kreutzer

  • TR-COSC 02/87: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    (Title unavailable)
    R. Pascoe

  • TR-COSC 03/87: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Experiments in measuring components of interactive response times
    J. Penny, P. Ashton and D. Tripp

  • TR-COSC 04/87: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Analysis of multiple access communications protocols: a survey of methods
    M. Asgarkhani

  • TR-COSC 05/87: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Steady state simulation of queueing processes 1: a survey of problems and solutions
    K. Pawlikowski

  • TR-COSC 06/87: (Unavailable) (No abstract)
    Computer mapping in distributed workstation environments: exploiting advances in computing technology.
    J. Penny, G. Ewing, R. Pascoe, P. Forer

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    Fax: +64 3 364 2569
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering
    University of Canterbury
    Private Bag 4800, Christchurch
    New Zealand
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