class Cursor

The Cursor class represents an image that may be used as a mouse cursor. A Cursor can be assigned to the cursor property of a View to control the appearance of the cursor when the mouse is over that view. A cursor can be obtained from a resource file, constructed from an Image, or obtained from a set of predefined cursors in the StdCursors module.

The capabilites of cursors vary from one platform to another. There may be a limit on the size of a cursor, and coloured cursors may or may not be supported. For maximum portability, cursor images should be black and white and no larger than 16x16 pixels.


Cursor(resource_name, hotspot = None)
Constructs a cursor from the specified resource, which should be an image file.

If no hotspot is specifed, a hotspot file is searched for using the resource name with the suffix replaced by ".hot". The hotspot file should be a single-line text file containing two coordinates separated by whitespace.

If no hotspot is specifed and no hotspot file is found, the hotspot defaults to the centre of the image.

Cursor(image, hotspot = None)
Constructs a Cursor having the specified Image and hotspot point. If the image has an alpha channel, it is used as the cursor's mask. If no hotspot is specified, it defaults to the centre of the image.