class Column(Frame)

A Column is a container that lays out a collection of components in a vertical column.

The initial size of the container is made just big enough to hold its contents. The horizontal alignment of items within the column may be specified, and one item may optionally be designated to expand vertically when the container is resized.

In addition, the width and/or height of all items may optionally be equalized before they are laid out.


Column(items, keyword = value, ...)
Creates a Column containing the specified items, which should be a sequence of Components. The following keyword arguments may be used:
spacing = 10Vertical space to leave between items.
padding = (0, 0)Space to leave horizontally and vertically around all the items.
align = 'l'Specifies horizontal alignment and anchoring of items. One of 'l', 'c', 'r' or 'lr' for left, centre, right or left-and-right.
equalize = ''Specifies whether to make the size of all items equal in the horizontal and/or vertical direction. One of 'w', 'h' or 'wh'.
expand = NoneSpecifies which item, if any, is to change size vertically when the container is resized. May be the item itself or an index into the item list. Items above this item will be anchored to the top of the container, and items below it will be anchored to the bottom of the container.

If specified by an index, the item at that index may be None to leave an expanding space in the column.