Old Versions

PyGUI-2.4.tar.gz (514,472 bytes, 19 Mar 2011)
PyGUI-2.3.3.tar.gz (511319 bytes, 19 Dec 2010)
PyGUI-2.3.2.tar.gz (511250 bytes, 16 Dec 2010)
PyGUI-2.3.1.tar.gz (511034 bytes, 19 Nov 10)
PyGUI-2.3.tar.gz (510782 bytes, 17 Oct 2010)
PyGUI-2.2.tar.gz (509639 bytes, 6 February 2010)
PyGUI-2.1.1.tar.gz (430370 bytes, 19 November 2009)
PyGUI-2.1.tar.gz (437056 bytes,  13 November 2009)
PyGUI-1.7.2-1.tar.gz (427047 bytes, 11 June 2006)


PyGUI-1.3.tar.gz (191102 bytes, last updated 14 June 2004)
This version includes two implementations, one for MacOS X built on Carbon, and one for X11 built on Gtk. Python 2.3 or later is required. The MacOS X version should work on a standard installation of MacPython. The X11 version requires PyGtk-2.2.0 or later, plus the Gtk library itself (Gtk+-2.2 or later). If you're using Linux, you may already have these. The Gtk version should also be usable on Windows using a Windows version of Gtk.


This version is a complete re-write based on a SWIG-generated wrapper for parts of Xlib. As such, it comes closer to the goal of being implemented as directly as possible on top of the platform GUI facilities. This version is not yet complete (a handful of classes from 1.1 remain to be converted) and there may be some differences from the API described in the 1.1 documentation. There is no documentation for this version yet.

X Windows implementation:



This version is implemented on top of the Python X-extension interface to the Motif library.


X Windows implementation:

Old FAQs (for versions up to 1.2)

Q1: Where is the rect module used by blobedit.py ?

A1: In the tarfile, if you have a recent enough version (1.2a2 or later).

(It used to be a part of stdwin, which is obsolete now and no longer distributed with Python.)

Old News

25 June 2001
Interim release of Version 1.2 (Xlib-based). Incomplete.
11 Aug 1998
Version 1.1
Documentation Updated

Rewritten the class references to match the current X implementation and added a tutorial. Made some slight changes to the implementation.

29 Jul 1998
Version 1.0
X Implementation Available

This is a preliminary implementation for X Windows, based on the X-extension. It is very rough around the edges and will be replaced with a better one at some point, probably based directly on Xlib.

For examples of use, see the test directory, particularly blobedit.py.

15 Dec 1997
Link to download this whole proposal: gui_proposal.tar.gz
11 Dec 1997
Added an Overview section containing some introductory material.

Added some example code illustrating the use of the Application, Document, Window and View classes.

2 Dec 2002

Added rect.py to the tarfile.