Proposal: Pyggy Awards

Here are some ideas for a Python game showcase event to be held as a followup to the PyWeek programming competition.


A large part of the reason that PyWeek is fun is that it brings together a group of like-minded people at a particular place and time. Knowing that many people will be looking at your game with interest is a powerful incentive to come up with something.

A week is too short to develop a non-trivial game to its full potential. Many of the games produced for PyWeek show a lot of promise, but once PyWeek is over, the incentive to work on it any further largely evaporates. Everyone goes home and gets on with their lives, forgetting all about your game. If you post a message about an updated version some time later, you're lucky if you get a response or two. The sense of excitement is all but gone.

To bring it back, we need another kind of event, where we can get back together and show each other what our games have become.

Proposed Format


The event will be held 3 months after each PyWeek competition. This places it mid-way between successive PyWeeks, and should provide enough time to flesh out and polish a game at a more leisurely pace.


Each entry must be based on one of the entries in the previous PyWeek. It can be any entry, not necessarily your own. If you work on someone else's entry, you should re-name it to avoid confusion.

Code libraries and assets may be used provided they were publically released prior to the previous PyWeek.


As with PyWeek, all judging will be performed by the entrants. However, judging will be done by ranking the entries in each category, rather than awarding absolute scores. Equal ranking may be given to two or more entries if desired. Some suitable voting algorithm, to be decided, will be used to derive an overall ranking.

Awards and Categories

Three awards will be given, to the three top-ranking games in each category:
The categories are based on the PyGame categories:
All awards are purely virtual. No physical prizes or trophies will be provided.