About the Pyggy Awards

The Pyggy Awards is a follow-up event to the PyWeek competition, for authors who would like to develop their games further. It provides an extended period for development at a more leisurely pace, an environment in which to try out each others' works in progress and share feedback, an an occasion at which to show off the results to an audience of like-minded people.

If successful, it is intended that the Pyggy Awards will become a regular event held approximately half way between successive PyWeeks, allowing 2-3 months development time. Since this is the first Pyggy Awards, it is open to games from any earlier PyWeek competition. In future it might be restricted to games from the previous PyWeek only.

Structure and Rules

  1. Each entry must be based on an entry from an earlier PyWeek competition. It can be any entry, not necessarily your own. However, if you work on someone else's entry, you should change the name to avoid confusion, and the original author(s) should be credited for his/her/their contribution.
  2. You may begin working on the game immediately. Uploads will be permitted at any time except during the judging period, and all uploaded material will be publically available at all times. You are encouraged to release early and often, and to try out other entrants' work and provide comments and bug reports.
  3. Copyright permitting, there are no restrictions on using pre-existing code libraries or assets.
  4. All submitted code and assets, together with any libraries used, must be under an open-source licence.
  5. The coding period will be followed by a 2-week judging period during which entrants may rate games in a similar manner to PyWeek.
  6. At the end of the judging period, three awards -- Gold, Silver and Bronze -- will be awarded in each of three categories -- Most Innovative, Best Produced and Most Fun. There will be separate awards for team and individual divisions.
  7. All awards are purely virtual; no physical prizes or trophies will be provided. Winners will earn the right to use the corresponding official Pyggy Award Logo for the purpose of promoting their game.