SG-1 Canon

In the interests of making stargates a practical transportation device in Minecraft, not all details of SG-1 canon are strictly followed. Configuration options are provided to change some of these if you want a more authentic SG-1 experience.

Travelling Direction

In SG-1, matter is only able to travel in one direction through a stargate wormhole, from the initiating to the receiving gate. By default, SG Craft stargates permit travel in either direction. This can be changed using the oneWayTravel configuration option.

Closing Connections

In SG-1, only the initiating stargate is able to close a wormhole. By default, SG Craft allows a connection to be closed from either end. This can be changed using the closeFromEitherEnd configuration option.

Opening Time

In SG-1, a stargate is able to stay open for a maximum time of 39 minutes. Since a Minecraft day and night is only 20 minutes, some scaling down seems to be called for. The default maximum opening time in SG Craft is somewhat arbitrarily set to 5 minutes. This can be changed using the secondsToStayOpen configuration option.

Power Source

It's not entirely clear where SG-1 stargates get their power from, but a naquadah-powered generator seems a likely candidate, since naquadah is used as a power source for other technology in the series. Furthermore, it seems likely that the generator is located in the DHD, since Earth's stargate in SG-1 that was missing its DHD needed to be powered in an ad-hoc manner.

Number of Chevrons

Quite a number of people have pointed out that stargates are supposed to have 9 chevrons, not 7. I hadn't noticed this before, because the stargate in SG Command had two of them hidden behind the ramp, and since they mostly only used 7-symbol addresses in the original series, it never occurred to me that there might be more.

It turns out that 7 chevrons is a much more convenient number for SG Craft, because it fits evenly around a 5x5 ring with a gap at the bottom. The current solution is to build a gate initially with 7 chevrons, and add two more using an upgrade to allow 9-symbol addresses to be dialled.

Address Symbols

As of SG Craft 0.8, address symbols are constellations, not hieroglyphs. Canon wins.

Points of Origin

In SG-1, one of the symbols in each dialled address was supposedly a "point of origin" indicating where the connection was coming from. SG Craft does not incorporate this element, since it serves no purpose and would only reduce the available addressing range.