Control Panel

All vital base controls, at your fingertips.
If your contraption requires more than a couple of buttons or levers to operate, the controls can take up a lot of room and leave you puffed out running back and forth between them. A Control Panel lets you fit up to 16 levers, buttons and indicator lamps into one block space for the ultimate in compactness and ease of use.


A control panel is made by using a saw diagonally on a Hollow Cover. The same method is used to create Miniature Levers, Miniature Buttons and Miniature Lamps from their full-size counterparts to put on your control panel, and Miniature Covers to cover up unused places.

Note that the lamp must be a Project Red "Fixture" type. The miniature lamps will have the same colour as the fixture they were made from.

Hollow Cover Control Panel
Lever Miniature Lever
Button Miniature Button
Fixture Miniature Lamp
Cover Miniature Cover

Placement and Usage

A control panel is placed into the world the same way as a cover. It has a front and a back; the front is marked with dotted squares indicating where controls can be placed, and the back is marked with dotted circles.

There are two ways that a control panel can be positioned, depending on whether you intend to embed it in a wall or attach it to the surface of another block. Either way, you need to make sure the front side is facing the way you want. If it's not, you can flip the control panel around by shift-right-clicking on it with a screwdriver.

Flush Mount
Surface Mount
The control panel is embedded in the wall, and bundled cable connects from the back. The control panel is attached to the surface of another block, and bundled cable connects from the side.

Once the control panel is placed, you need to populate it with miniature levers, buttons and lamps. To place a control, right-click with it on one of the dotted squares. To remove a control, right-click on it with a screwdriver.

You can hide the dotted square for an unused space by placing a Miniature Cover on it. The cover needs to be made of the same material as the control panel.

You can rotate a control panel by right-clicking with a screwdriver on an empty space (one without any control or cover on it). This is useful for horizontal control panels.

Control panels retain their controls and labels when broken, so you can move them from one place to another. You can also shift-left-click with a screwdriver to pick up a control panel instantly.

Screwdriver Summary

On an empty cell
On a control
Right Click
Rotate control panel
Pick up control
Shift Right click
Change mounting orientation
Shift Left click
Pick up control panel


Each space on the panel corresponds to a colour of wire in the bundled cable as shown in this chart.


You can put a text label above and below each control. To edit the labels for a space, right-click on it with a piece of charcoal.

Painting Controls

Miniature levers and buttons can be painted different colours. To paint a control, you first need to craft an empty spray can and fill it with paint. Then place the spray can to the right of the item to be painted in a crafting grid. Each spray can may be used 256 times.

Note that you can't change the colour of a miniature lamp by painting it; you need to make it from the appropriate colour of Fixture.


Spray Can
Spray Can
1 Button (full-size)
2 Iron Ingots
1 Empty Spray Can
1 Milk
1 Egg
1 Dye
Miniature Lever
Miniature Button
Empty Spray Can
Spray Paint
Coloured Miniature Lever
Coloured Miniature Button