Greg's Attitude Control

This is a mod for Kerbal Space Program. It provides an easier and more fuel-efficient way of controlling the attitude of a spacecraft, known as rate command mode.

With an Attitude Rate Cummand Unit installed on your vehicle, the rotational controls no longer directly activate the RCS thrusters and reaction wheels. Instead, they control the rate at which the attitude of the spacecraft changes.

Using keyboard control, the spacecraft rotates at a constant rate as long as you hold a pitch/yaw/roll key down, and stops rotating when you let go of it. Using a joystick, the rotation rate is proportional to the joystick movement.



Unpack the zip file and move the contents of the GameData folder into the GameData folder of your KSP installation.


You should see a new part on the Control page called an Attitude Rate Command Unit (ARC). Attach one of these to your spacecraft somewhere.

When an ARC is present,  your rotational controls (WASDQE or whatever you have configured) will control the rotation rate of your spacecraft.

When the rotation controls are released, the ARC will stop rotational motion. However, the ARC will not hold an absolute attitude, so to
prevent long-term attitude drift you may also want to include an SAS unit. As usual, SAS should be turned off while performing attitude


Code is under the MIT Licence.

Artwork is under the Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 licence.


Gregory Ewing