Gingerverse by Greg Ewing

How this came about

I started playing around with Blender and quickly got the urge to do something cool and/or silly with it. I was going to make a movie, but that seemed like it would be too much work for not enough fun, so I decided to start with a comic strip instead. As for the subject matter... well, somewhere out of the joint experiences of working through the tutorial in the Blender manual and reading the Triangle and Robert archives, a universe began to take shape...

Here is the latest episode. You can also start at the first episode and read in sequence, or use the index to find a particular episode.

Episode 10, 24 Feb 2004


Episode Date Description
10 24 Feb 2004 Road works
9 23 Feb 2004 DIY complete
8 22 Feb 2004 DIY
7 16 Feb 2004 Housing initiative, mk2
6 15 Feb 2004 Housing receives lukewarm reception
5 14 Feb 2004 Housing initiative
4 13 Feb 2004 Nothing but blue skies (not)
3 12 Feb 2004 Something to stand under
2 10 Feb 2004 Something to stand on
1 9 Feb 2004 In the beginning...