X-41 is a microcode-level emulation of an HP-41C programmable calculator for MacOS X. It's designed not only to accurately emulate an HP-41, but also to look good on your desktop. I wrote it to have some fun and learn about Cocoa programming, but who knows, someone might actually find it useful...

Requires MacOS X 10.2 or later.


X-41 Application (PPC only) (735,080 bytes, 18 May 2004)

HP-41C User's Manual (optional) (53,174,535 bytes)
This is a scanned copy of the HP-41 manual. X-41 has a built-in document viewer that is designed to work with this file. It's provided as a separate download because of its size. If you don't want to download something that big, this file is also available on CD from the Museum of HP Calculators.
X-41 Source (807,180 bytes, 18 May 2004)
X-41 Source - Universal (857,711 bytes, 15 April 2008) Adapted for Intel by Frederic Bronner.