Unix Projects

Build: an alternative to make

Build is a utility with the same purpose as make but with a totally different syntax and design philosophy. Buildfiles are easy to write and read, both for small, simple projects and for big, complicated ones. Build is designed to eliminate the hairy rat's nest of shell scripts, preprocessors etc. with which people are so fond of surrounding their makefiles. Build lets you maintain your project and keep your sanity at the same time.

Yacc++: an object-oriented parser generator

Yacc++ is to C++ what lex and yacc are to C. Parsers created with yacc++ build a parse tree from C++ objects. Methods can be attached to the nodes of the parse tree to perform any desired computation.

A single source file contains both lexical and grammatical specifications (no need for a separate lexical analyser description), and multiple yacc++ parsers can co-exist in the same program.

Other silly things

Generate nostalgic representations of historical input media. (Sample output)

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