SuPy - Scripting Sketchup with Python

This is a plugin for the Sketchup 3D modelling application that lets you script it using Python instead of Ruby.

If you've tried scripting Sketchup in Ruby but find Python more to your liking, this may be just the thing for you!


See the README and browse the documentation online.

Binary Distributions


There are two kinds of binary distribution here. The System Python distributions use the Python that comes installed with MacOSX. If you haven't installed any other Python yourself, one of these is what you want.

The User Python distributions expect to find a framework installation of Python under /Library/Frameworks. Use one of these if you have a Python installation of your own that you want to use for Sketchup scripting.

System Python 

MacOSX Version Download Size Last Updated
MacOSX 10.4 (Tiger) SuPy-1.6-macosx10.4-syspython2.3.zip98299 bytes23 Apr 2011
MacOSX 10.5 (Leopard) SuPy-1.6-macosx10.5-syspython2.5.zip98446 bytes23 Apr 2011
MacOSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) SuPy-1.6-macosx10.6-syspython2.6.zip81121 bytes23 Apr 2011

User Python

Python Version Download Size Last Updated
Python 2.3 SuPy-1.6-macosx-userpython2.3.zip97909 bytes23 Apr 2011
Python 2.5 SuPy-1.6-macosx-userpython2.5.zip98050 bytes23 Apr 2011
Python 2.7 SuPy-1.6-macosx-userpython2.7.zip103031 bytes23 Apr 2011


You must use a build corresponding to your Python version. You will need to install one of the versions of Python listed below if you don't have it already.

These builds assume that you have installed Python for "All Users". If not, you may have to add your Python installation directory to your PATH environment variable so that the extension can find the Python DLL.

I have only tested this build with Sketchup 7, but it will probably work with Sketchup 6 as well.

Python Version Download Size Last Updated
Python 2.3 SuPy-1.6-win32-python23.zip86101 bytes23 Apr 2011
Python 2.5 SuPy-1.6-win32-python25.zip86212 bytes23 Apr 2011

Source Distribution

For those who want to modify it or compile it for some other configuration not available here. (119211 bytes, last updated 23 Apr 2011)