Macintosh Projects

4th Encounter

Bill Heinemann has released the source to the Macintosh version of Wolfenstein 3D 2nd Encounter. This is the beginning of a project to turn it into an open source 3D game engine. CodeWarrior Pro 3 source code included.


Easterthon was to have been the beginning of a freeware substitute for Marathon on the Macintosh. Nothing has been done on it for quite some time.

Full source code is included (CodeWarrior 6).


Think Pascal 4.0 source code for an application which solves pentomino puzzles.  Handles boards of any size and shape with arbitrary excluded areas. Was originally developed to solve a puzzle from Jewels of the Oracle.

GOOF - Greg's Object Oriented Framework for the Macintosh

Goof is a moderately small and simple object-oriented application framework in Object Pascal, inspired by a very early version of MacApp. If you find present-day GUI frameworks too huge and overwhelming, you might like this.

Think Pascal 4.0 source code.

HP-67 Emulator

Emulation of an HP-67 programmable calculator. Features a calculator-shaped window, photo-realistic appearance and magnetic cards that you can drag around your desktop and write labels on.

Version 4.1 - NOW IN COLOUR!

Think Pascal 4.0 source code and project included.

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