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Dr Krzysztof Pawlikowski

Prof.Dr. Krzysztof Pawlikowski (CSSE)

Dr Harsha Sirisena

Prof.Dr. Harsha Sirisena (ECE)

Dr Kim

Dr. DongSeong Kim (CSSE)

Dr. Andreas Willig (CSSE)

Current Students

Ph.D Students

  • Zhi Yong William Liu
  • Huan Zhang
  • Muhammad Asad Arfeen
  • Mofassir Ul Haque
  • Ehsan Tabatabaei Yazdi

Masters Students

Recent Graduates and Research Students

Ph.D Graduates

  • Shehan Perera (Dept. of ECE, 2008): Topic - "Wireless Networks". Currently working at Telecom NZ, Wellington.
  • Aiyathurai Jayananthan (Dept. of ECE, 2008): Topic - "Wireless Networks". Currently working at Transpower NZ, Wellington.
  • Sayan Kumar Ray( 2006) : Topic - "Mobility Management in Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (WMAN)"
  • Aun Haider (Dept. of ECE, 2004): Topic - "Improved Congestion Control for Packet Switched Networks and the Internet". Currently a post doc fellow at Tokyo, Japan.
  • Mohammed Rezvan (Dept. of COSC, 2001): Topic - "Communication Protocols for Internet".
  • Victor Yau (Dept. of COSC, 1996): Topic - "WDM Network Design and Destination Conflicts". Currently a Professor in Singapore
  • Felix Hartanto (Dept. of EEE, 1994): Topic - "User-Network Oriented Call Controlled and Traffic Management in B-ISDN Networks". Currently a Lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Masters Graduates

  • Yuxuan Tim Hong : Topic - "A study of handover mechanisms in IPv6 wireless networks"
  • Adam Changi: Topic - "Evaluation of search algorithms in structured and unstructured P2P networks"
  • Geoffrey Clark ( 2009): Topic - "Dynamic optimization of a heterogeneous wireless network of sensors"
  • Weibo Li (Dept. of ECE, 2008): Topic - "An Address-Based Routing Scheme for Static Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks".
  • Arpan Mandal (Dept. of ECE, 2008; NZi3 Masters Scholarship recipient): Topic - "Mobile WiMAX - Pre-Handover Optimization using Hybrid Base Station Selection Procedure". Currently working at Tait Electronics, Christchurch.
  • Charles Lee Begg (Dept. of CSSE, 2007; TIF Scholarship recipient and Distinction holder): Topic - "High Quality Video Streaming with SCTP over CDMA2000". Currently working at Media Lab, Wellington.
  • Feng Deng (Dept. of ECE, 2007): Topic - "Seamless Handover Between WiFi and CDMA2000 Networks via SCTP". Currently working at Tait Electronics, Christchurch.
  • Fong Loong Chong (Dept. of CSSE, 2005; TIF Scholarship recipient): Topic - "Multilingual Automated Speech Assessment".
  • Jin Lin (Dept. of ECE): Topic - "An Enhanced MAC Scheme with Contention-based Channel Access (EDCP) for Multi-Hop Ad-Hoc Networks".
  • Zhi Yong William Liu (Dept. of ECE, 2005): Topic - "Resource Alllocation Schemes for Ultra Wideband Networks". Currently a Ph.D student in the same Department.
  • Priyan De Alwis (Dept. of ECE, 2005): Topic - "Call Admission Control and Resource Utilization in WCDMA Networks".
  • Sung Rae Cho (Dept. of ECE, 2004): Topic - "An End-to-End Freeze TCP for Ad-Hoc Networks".
  • Sung Yung Yi (Dept. of CSSE, 2004; TIF Scholarship): Topic - "Performance of Internet Telephony under SIP Protocol".
  • Francis Jing J. Chai (Dept. of ECE, 2004): Topic - "Micro-Mobility Management and Freeze-TCP Implementation in Wireless Network".
  • Yen-Sun Dan Rong (Dept. of COSC, 2004; Bright Future Scholarship recipient): Topic - "A Routing Protocol for Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks".
  • Abdulla Firag (Dept. of ECE, 2003): Topic - "A Distributed Wireless MAC Scheme for Service Differentiation in WLANs".
  • Carl Cook (Dept. of COSC, 2001): Topic - "Active Networks".
  • Enoch Chi-chi Kao (Dept. of COSC, 2001): Topic - "MAC Protocols for Wireless Networks".
  • S. Mahmod (Dept. of EEE, 2000): Topic - "CAC Techniques for Wireless ATM Networks".
  • Mohammad Rezvan (Dept. of COSC, 1998): Topic - "A Reservation Scheme for Medium Access Protocols in Wireless Communication Networks".
  • Justin R Macfarlane (Dept. of COSC, 1998): Topic - "Wavelength and Time Division Multiplexing with Tresspassing Protocol for All Optical Star Local Area Networks".
  • Nurul Sarkar (Dept. of COSC, 1996): Topic - "Communication Protocols and Architectures of High-Speed Fiber-Optic Data Communication Networks".
  • Richard Lynders (Dept. of EEE, 1994): Topic - "Quantitative Stochastic Simulation of Nonstationary Effects in Telecommunication Networks".
  • H. Anggawijaya (Dept. of COSC, 1994): Topic - "Performance Evaluation of Flow Control and Admission Control Mechanisms for Broadband Integrated Services Digital Networks".
  • Lee Quak-Yoong (Dept. of EEE, 1991): Topic - "Performance Evaluation of Enhancements to Distributed Queue Dual Bus Protocol".
  • C. Karthikayan (Dept. of EEE, 1990): Topic - "Performance Modelling and Evaluation of High Speed Metropolitan Networks".

International Exchange Students visiting Network Research Group (since 2004)

  • Farzana Yasmeen (September - November 2008) - Ph.D Student from the University of Advanced Studies, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Michele Scuito (July 2006 - March 2007) - Ph.D Student from the University of Genova, Italy.
  • Brian Mortensen (Jan 2004 - June 2004)) - Ph.D Student from Technical University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
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